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Karen T Trouble's Food Journal
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11th-Feb-2009 11:54 am - Update!
Ginger Pear Pie

I posted the rest of the pies and backdated them. I'm not sure if it worked...
Two more pies are coming up and don't forget about the show this Saturday!
31st-Jan-2009 11:40 am - January 31st- Cherry Birthday Pie
Ginger Pear Pie

Dan insisted that this pie (for his mom) be a plain cherry pie. My Pie-A-Day OCD struggled with this for an hour, because I already made a pie that was too similar (the first one!)
30th-Jan-2009 11:39 pm - January 30th- Coconut Papaya
Ginger Pear Pie

Kind of looks like a sun
Ginger Pear Pie


After a 3 hour long Coop meeting, Dave volunteered to help with the daily pie. SUCKER
You would think that no one ate this pie, but actually some drunk lady at Dalek took some off his face.
Recipe: 1 graham cracker crust + 1 can of soy whip
28th-Jan-2009 09:33 pm - January 28th- Apple Pie (finally!)
Ginger Pear Pie


This pie was HUGE!
28th-Jan-2009 11:26 am - January 27th- Fudge Pie
Ginger Pear Pie

My saying for Fun-A-Day when I get worried that I'm being too creative is "It doesn't have to taste good, it just has to look nice in the pictures."* This pie is the opposite. It was probably the least healthy pie of the month, consisting mainly of chocolate, sugar, and Earth Balance, but man did it taste fantastic. I would say this is the equivalent of the Pile of Fudge Cake from Cake-A-Day, which was supposed to be the famous Tunnel of Fudge Cake. It took us three days to eat this pie, because it was so rich. Mmmm

*I only said this to worry my housemates, who were only concerned with it tasting good!
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28th-Jan-2009 11:25 am - January 26th- Chocolate Pie
Ginger Pear Pie

This chocolate pie was thickened with flour, unlike my usual chocolate pies that are thickened with cornstarch. Discuss.
28th-Jan-2009 11:21 am - January 25th- Lime Sloppy Mess
Ginger Pear Pie
Lessons learned:
-Doubling the lime isn't always a good idea. Remember this next time you don't want to wake up all night feeling like you're sucking on a lime
-Cooling is sometimes important. This is why you shouldn't start your pie late at night on a weeknight
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28th-Jan-2009 11:18 am - January 24th- Settlers of Catan Pie!
Ginger Pear Pie

Let's all look at it adoringly, yes.

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28th-Jan-2009 11:17 am - January 23rd- Blackberry Tart
Ginger Pear Pie
Score- Fresh blackberries from Whole Foods, in January, and NOT super expensive!
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